24 countries competed for glory at the Morningside Arena Leicester in August 2018. Wadokai England were the proud hosts, with a huge effort from the organising committee to run a successful championships.

Wadokai All Nations Championships Selection Results
Students who competed from Kombatkids

Hollie Allerton Kata/Kumite
Dhilan Banger KataSukjheevan Dhillon Kumite
Jamie Donaghy KataJoshua Draycott kata/KumiteCallum Feenan Kumite
Callum Heeley KataTim Heeley KataNur Iqbal Kumite
Anisha Mistry KataTheo Mugglestone KumiteJack Nangreave KumiteMya Pountney Kata/Kumite
Shriya Puri KataSiraj Ravat KumiteAlex Rowley Kata/KumiteBridie Shaw Kata,
Zoe Tracey Kata/KumiteKyle Yip Kata/Kumite

Competition Results
Anisha Mistry - Bridie Shaw  - Chloe Machin - Team Kata Gold
Callum Healey - Alex -  Team Kata Gold
Zoe & Co Team Kata Bronze
Kyle Yip & Co Team Kata Bronze

Students who made the Repercharge Finals
Holly Allerton - Kumite
Sukjheevan Dhillon - Kumite
Josh Draycottt - Kata
Mya Pountney - Kumite
Shriya Puri - Kata
Alex Rowley - Kumite

The Tournament was a huge success, the quality of the athletes from Japan in both Kata and Kumite was quite simply amazing

WKF English Karate Federation