Aiwakai National Championships Results 2018

Aiwakai National Championships Results 2018

25th May 2018

Congratulations to all of our students who entered the Aiwakai National Championships in Derby May 2018, we took a large squad of students with 10 coaches in attendance. Our students were a real credit to the club in every way, their etiquette, performances, was all of a high standard, well done to everyone who entered.

See Results below:

Aiwakai National Championships 2018
Individual Kata
James Gwilliam - Bronze
Anisha Mistry - Gold 
Callum Feenan - Gold
Imogen Slattery - Silver
Amelia Sutton - Silver
Nell Ramsey - Silver
Kyle Yip - Silver
Zoe Tracey - Silver
Joseph Black - Silver
Tim Heeley - Silver
Jamie Donaghy - Silver
Khirat Dhillon - Bronze
Hollie Allerton - Bronze
Sofia Urfi - Bronze
Callum Heeley - Bronze
Kyle Semple - Bronze
Jack Nangreave - Bronze
Anaisha Keshav - Bronze

Individual Kumite
James Gwilliam - Gold
Hollie Allerton - Gold
Nell Ramsey - Gold
Nur Iqbal - Silver
Theo Mugglestone - Silver
Jack Nangreave - Silver
Daniel Trueman - Silver
Siraj Ravat - Bronze
Imogen Slattery - Bronze
Amelia Sutton - Bronze
Zoe Tracey - Bronze
Joseph Balck - Bronze
Miya Poutney - Bronze
Vanita Devi - Bronze
Aliyah Iqbal - Bronze
Joshua Draycott - Bronze
Alex Rowley - Silver 

Pair Kata
Bridie Shaw, Anisha Mistry - Gold
Callum Feenan, Jack Nangreave - Gold
Anaisha Keshav, Keira Yip - Silver
Zoe Tracey, Nur Iqbal - Silver
Aliyah Iqbal, Miya Poutney - Bronze
Joshua Draycott, Hollie Allerton - Bronze
Tim Heeley, Jamie Donaghy - Bronze

Team Kata
Anisha Mistry, Shriya Puri, Bridie Shaw - Gold
Jack Nangreave, Callum Feenan, Kyle Yip - Gold
Alex Rowley, Tim, Heeley, Jamie Donaghy - Silver
Keira Yip, Miya Poutney, Aliyah Iqbal - Silver
Daniel Trueman, Joseph Black, Nell Ramsey - Bronze
Nur Iqbal, Zoe Tracey, Hollie Allerton - Bronze

Team Kumite
Joshua Draycott, Nur Iqbal, Kyle Yip - Silver
Nel Ramsey, Joseph Black, William Mayall - Silver
Alex Rowley, Anisha Mistry, Sukhjeevan Dhillon - Bronze



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