December Newsletter 2017

December Newsletter 2017

5th Jan 2018

Welcome to all the new students and parents who have joined Kombat Federation recently. 
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First Grading of the Year
The first grading in 2018 takes place in March. 

Black Belt Grading Sunday Dec 3rd 2017
Congratulations to all of the 169 Black Belt Candidates

Overall the standard was excellent. This years students, particulary the 2nd and 3rd Dans, all your hard work and commitment was clearly shown yesterday with a 100% pass rate! 

There were quite a number of students who require special educational needs and as a club we are very proud that we have a caring, supportive group of instructors to encourage these students. We are not a club that focuses totally on competition, gradings, personal achievements, positive attitude, self defence a real enjoyment of Karate is our aim. It is fabulous to see these students achieve their goal.

Well done to each and everyone of you.....116 1st Dans, 43 2nd Dans and 10 3rd Dans!

First Aid Course 
Kombatkids believes First Aid is a life skill that everyone can and should learn from an early age. 
In view of this, we were delighted to collaborate with 
A-Med Training who today ran a basic first aid course exclusive to our students. Having the opportunity to learn the skills and gain confidence to save a life is invaluable. Some research states that 7 out of 10 children would not know what to do if someone they knew was hurt.

A-Med Training offered practical, fun and interactive first aid training which included a broad range of topics such as choking, allergic reactions, seizures, low blood sugar, head injuries and CPR. All of the children who attended enjoyed the course, full report/pictures on our Facebook page

EKF Accreditation Course 
Instructors Anisha Mistry 3rd Dan, Alex Rowley 3rd Dan, and James Stuart 3rd Dan all travelled down to Barnsley to take the course and exam to become English Karate Federation Accredited Kumite Coaches, so can coach at National and International tournaments in the future. 

Safeguarding Course 
All instructors attended a one day course run through UK Coaching, covering many areas of child protection/awareness in Sport and Martial Arts.

Latest Competition News

FEW European Championships Italy 2017

Congratulations to the students below from Kombat Kids who were selected to represent Wado Kai England at the FEW European Championships in Sardinia Italy, October 21st & 22nd 2017. All of our students medalled and put in some excellent performances. For pictures follow the links 
Kombatkids You Tube Channel

44th Federation European Wadokai European Championships Sardinia Italy 2017
Anisha Mistry - Individual Kata - Bronze Medal
Anisha Mistry/Bridie Shaw & Co - Team Kata - Gold Medal
Shriya Puri/Bridie Shaw - Pair Kata - Gold Medal
Bridie Shaw - Individual Kata - Silver Medal
Alex Rowley - Team Kata - Silver Medal
Alex Rowley - Individual Kumite - Bronze Medal
Alex Rowley - Team Kumite - Bronze Medal
Nur Iqbal/Zoe Tracey - Team kata - Gold Medal
Callum Heeley - Team Kata - Gold Medal
Joshua Draycott - Individual Kumite -  Bronze Medal
Joshua Draycott - Team Kumite - Bronze Medal

Wado Kai World Championships are being held in Leicester 2018,  we are expecting several of our students to be selected in April 2018 for this competition so European success and domestic competition experience is important for future selections. 

Nissan Tyne & Wear Championships Sunderland 2017
Congratulations to the small squad of students that made it up to Sunderland at the weekend for the Nissan Championships.

Several students had been training with Wado Kai England all day Saturday preparing for the FEW European championships in Sardinia, then traveling up to Sunderland for the competition the next day on what turned out to be a very good days competition for us. 

An excellent competition and a great day out for our students, with all students medalling in Kata or Kumite or both. A particular mention to our instructors Anisha Mistry 3rd Dan, Alex Rowley 3rd Dan and Jamie Donaghy 4th Dan who all medalled on the day. After a tough year with several of our students leaving for university the squad is rebuilding, we have some excellent students coming through and look forward to a busy competition year in 2018.  

See our Facebook page for pictures of the event

Nissan Tyne & Wear Championships Sunderland 2017
Nur Iqbal - Individual Kata - Bronze Medal
William Mayall - Individual Kata - Bronze Medal
Callum Heeley - Individual Kata - Bronze Medal
Tim Heeley - Individual Kata - Bronze Medal
Mya Pountney - Individual Kata - Bronze Medal
Jack Nangreave - Individual Kata - Bronze Medal
Callum Feenan - Individual Kata - Bronze Medal
Madalene Ramsey - Individual Kata - Bronze Medal
Nell Ramsey - Individual Kata - Bronze Medal
Anisha Mistry -  Individual Kata - Gold Medal
Tim/Jamie - Pair Kata - Bronze Medal
Alex/Anisha - Pair Kata - Bronze Medal
William/Nell - Pair kata - Bronze Medal
Harry Scott - Anisha Mistry - Callum Heeley - Team Kata - Gold Medal
Tim Heeley - Jamie Donaghy - Alex Rowley - Team kata -  Bronze Medal
William Mayall - Individual Kumite - Bronze Medal
Mya Pountney - Individual Kumite - Silver Medal
Callum Feenan - Individual Kumite - Bronze Medal
Alex Rowley - Individual Kumite - Bronze Medal
Alex Rowley & Co - Team Kumite - Bronze Medal

Our last competition of the year was held in Worcester by our good friend Stennet Harvey, as usual the tournament was very well organised and attended, our students competed very well and came away with plenty of medals.

Cewka International Championships 2017 
Tim Heeley - Individual Kata - Bronze Medal
Kiera Yip - Individual Kata - Bronze Medal
Jack Nangreave - Individual Kumite - Silver Medal
Hollie Allerton - Individual Kumite - Silver Medal
William Mayall/Nell Ramsey - Pair Kata - Bronze Medal
Callum Feenan/Jack Nangreave - Pair Kata - Silver Medal
Hollie Allerton/Zoe Tracey - Pair Kata - Bronze Medal
Anisha Mistry/Joshua Draycott - Pair Kata - Bronze Medal
Nur Iqbal/Zoe Tracey/Joesph Black - Team kata -  Bronze Medal
Anisha Mistry/Shriya Puri/Callum Heeley - Team Kata - Gold Medal

Sensei Steve Moore 5th Dan Chief Instructor 

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