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Sensei Paul Cicarella
Sensei Paul Cicarella

Sensei Paul Cicarella


4th Dan (Senior Instructor)


Level 3 Coach, Enhanced DBS Checked, Kombat Federation Certified Kumite & Kata Referee


Current Training
Trained for over twelve years in Wado Karate

Paul Cicarella is a 3rd Kyu in Kobujutsu an ancient Okinawan Weapons System, training for 18 years studying the weapons of Bo, Sai, Tonfa, Nunchaku, Kamma, Tekko.

Paul Cicarella (Senior Instructor) is a professional 4th Dan instructor in Wado Karate, holding all Dan grades registered in Japan with the Japanese Karate Federation (JKF). Paul is a 3rd Kyu in Kobujutsu an ancient Okinawan Weapons System. Trains in a private weekly session with Sensei Sakagami 8th Dan studying Wado karate covering all aspects of kihon, kata and pair work. 

St. John Ambulance First Aid Qualification in Martial Arts
NSPCC Child Protection in Sport course 2014
UK Coaching Safeguarding and Protecting Children in Martial Arts 2017

Coaching Achievements

Domestic Coaching
An important role is preparing students of all ages from 4 years upwards for taking part in competitions ranging from small friendly local tournaments to National Championships and domestic tournaments both in Kata and Kumite across the UK. Encouraging all abilities of students wether beginners or advanced and providing them with the opportunity to compete and build their confidence to reach their potential.

Individual Tournament Success
Paul Cicarella - CEWKA Open karate Championships 2009 - Individual Kata - Silver Medal
Paul Cicarella - Aiwakai Invitational Championships 2010 - Individual Kata - Silver Medal  -  Pair Kata - Bronze.

Teaching Duties & Responsibilities
Club Coach
Senior Instructor
Black Belt grading examiner up to 3rd Dan
Black belt coach and mentor.

Relevant work experience
Paul is a very keen climber and also has a background of many years both in playing and teaching music.


Paul receiving his JKF Wado Kai Japan                  Paul with Sensei Steve and Sakagami Sensei. 
certificate from Sakagami Sensei in 2015              Sakagami Sensei is our mentor, friend and teacher.
the culmination of 18 years of training.


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