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1st Jan 2019

Wadokai England Squad Training Dates 2019

Squad training sessions held at The Hub Walsall College, Wisemore Campus, Littleton Street West, Walsall WS2 8ES.

Training times Over 10 yrs Cost £20 
12.30pm to 2.30pm Kumite
3pm to 5pm Kata

Training Times under 10 Years £10 
12.30pm to 1.30pm Kumite
2pm to 3pm kata

Nb Students have to be selected by Sensei Steven Moore 5th Dan Chief Instructor to attend these sessions. Students can not attend unless selected.

The criteria Is:
Train in a 2 hour advanced class with their own club instructor on a weekly basis.
Train with Sensei Steve Moore for 2 hours per week, & 2 hours with their own instructor.
Compete regularly in Kata or Kumite, minimum 5 times per year.
Aged 10 years and above only
Must be prepared to travel and compete in Europe if selected for the FEW European Championships
Must attend 90% of monthly squad sessions held in Walsall

Selections take place from these squad sessions for the FEW European Championships held once per year, and the Japanese Karate Federation World Cup held in Japan every 5 years.

For Students who attend the squad sessions it is obligatory to train in the Kata and Kumite sessions. 

For Selections students are free to attend the Kata or Kumite selections or both.

2019 Squad Dates
Jan 12th
Feb 16th
March 9th & 10th Bootcamp - Sun - 10am - 2.30pm
April 6th 9.30am to 5pm - Selections
May 4th 
June 8th
July 6th
Sep 14th
Oct 12th
Dec 7th


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